The Search is On

Global interest in skateboarding (as a search term) is waning. So to get more people across the globe, in particular teenagers, to start searching the term skateboarding, we created Google Maps for Skateboarders. Google’s first community-based map created to bring the best navigation updates specific to skaters


App Addition

The new feature will be seen on Google Map’s homepage next to the walking and cycling options



The launch will feature off-the-wall skateboarding spots and Google Maps’s iconic search bar


The campaign celebrates the relationship shared by Google Maps and its users. A nod to all the times users came to the app in search for answers only we can provide



Banners will live on sites that discuss about the latest news on skateboarding so visitors are encouraged to go out and find alternative skating routes


As routes become available on Google Maps and accessible to mobile devices, we’re introducing the public to the possibility and practicality of hopping on a skateboard. By supporting local skaters, we’re fostering freedom, creativity, and athleticism to thrive in our communities

A campaign created with Charlie Tran, CW