Over 2,300 children have been separated from their families at the US-Mexican border due to Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration law.   How do we get Americans to understand the effects of this law and move them to sign the petition?  Use existing images of separated children to create a collection of special-edition international stamps.     These stamps will cross borders but these children will not.       Awards  2019 Communication Arts Winner 2019 Applied Arts Finalist 2019 Clio Awards Shortlist 2019 Creative Conscience Bronze 2019 Creativity Awards Gold   Publications  Communication Arts Applied Arts  Ads of The World    AD & CW  Raine Mateo Calucag  Kennedy Choi
 Gen Z’s love to know more about themselves, and what's more intimate than getting your DNA results?  So to get them into Burger King, we use the saliva from our mouthwatering Whopper to give out DNA results.​​​​​​   AD   Raine Mateo Calucag Rachel LeBlanc   CW   Marly Dichter Shirley Xu Wang
Snack on Sass
The Armed Beats
 Condoms are the only effective method of preventing the spread of STIs. How can you persuade young people to make using them a habit?   AD & CW   Raine Calucag Charlie Tran
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